A lot of people ask me what equipment I use when out photographing, I usually try not to answer because the kit that works for me might not be best for you but in brief here is a list.


Canon 6d (Main)

When released this camera was the cheaper version of the 5D mkIII, a body that is out of my price range and apart from some extra features like the headphone jack and extra AF points doesn’t offer the semi-pro user a lot more. The full frame function was one of the first things that drew me towards it, I wanted to use my L-Lenses to their full ability and the larger sensor did just that. It is very good in low light and the removal of the built in flash means I can change to auto mode without it going off.

Canon 50d (Backup)

The older of my two cameras, its not full frame so I only use long lenses on it as the crop factor gives me a bit more distance – a life saver when shooting sports or wildlife. It does record to CF cards which can be annoying as these are very expensive and tend to be slow plus I always need a external card reader. Not having a video mode isn’t really a problem apart from when filming an event where you have to have two cameras; weddings etc.

Both my cameras have grips on them so can be rotated and still have the buttons in a familiar location, plus the second battery helps.


24-70 f2.8 L

A nice low light lens, very sharp and great for most work apart from when I need IS and then I use a 24-105 L IS which is ideal for film work as you can do a lot of careful handheld jobs with minimal post process stabilising.

16-35 f2.8

I wasn’t sure which wide angle lens to go for but settled with this one because of the price and the amount of work I have for it. Used for wide shots at festivals, I like to get really high on a forklift if possible and the added width gives you an impressive photo. It is also useful when photographing animals close to as they tend to move out of frame quite quickly.

70-200 f2.8 Mk1

This is the first in the range, you can only buy the second one now which costs twice as much but does has IS, something I wish mine has. The next time I do a sports match I’m planning on renting a longer zoom but as default this is ideal.

The Rest

I won’t list every accessory as I have to many but here are some notes. Firstly buy a good tripod with a triple ball head, I have no idea why people don’t have tripods especially when doing video work. I recently bought a harness for holding two cameras, one under each arm – it does look quite silly but when you spend 8 hours on your feet this really helps with back pain and frees your hands up for holding coffee. Finally flashgun and soft box, I always have one nearby just in case an outdoor shoot has to move indoors with a change in the weather.

Next the rest is down to you; dollies, small monitors, camera cages, reflectors, filters are your choice,  buy the equipment you need when required. Its a expensive line of work so spend your money only once and in the correct places.

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