Is your mac running slow even after your removed unused items, run clean up software and reduced the transparency of windows? If you haven’t done this yet I’ve included some steps you could try, these are normally listed by websites that sell related software. FYI we’re not affiliated to a software company so the all the information listed on this page is genuinely what we believe is the best way forward.

Some Simple ideas

  1. Activity Monitor – I found something funny last week, I was backing up 80GB of files to an external drive and the estimated time went from 2 hours to 10! However I opened this programme, stopped the anti virus scan (which was only running at 14% CPU) and the time dropped to less than an hour. Moral of the story – check out activity monitor for day to day slowness.
  2. Close Programmes – When you walk into an apple shop the Geniuses should perform a test; if you pass you’re allow to mac  purchase, if you fail then its back to Windows for you. Part of this test should make sure you understand that closing a windows in mac doesn’t shut the programme, you have to click on its name in the title bar and then Quit – try this as it might add a little boost to performance.
  3. Start Up Items – Now we’re looking at long term items and how they can make changes to the way your system runs. Located in the users section of System Preferences these are the bits of software that run when you login to your computer. As well as removing bits you can add them, maybe get Outlook or Photoshop to start, this way you can enter your password, get a cup of coffee and come back to to a ready-to-work computer.





Select iTunes library – hold down ALT when clicking on icon

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